zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Holiday in Rome

In January my roommate told me she planned to go to Dublin during our break in February. Me, a travelling fan at heart, was very excited for her but part of me also wondered where she got all the money from. In my mind, travelling equals money- and lots of it. When she told me they only paid around 150 euros pp, my mouth dropped. In my mind I was already calculating that yes, in fact, even me could pay a trip like that. I practically rushed to my laptop and started researching. By the end of the day I had found so many options that I couldn't even choose. A few days later my boyfriend and I talked about the options and decided on Rome.

First of all, I had never really been on a city trip where I arranged everything- hotel, flight, activities- myself. The city trips I had been to always were in a safe environment with a large group, and a tour guide arranging everything. And I have to say...I absolutely loved figuring everything out on our own! It felt like an adventure, asking people for the road (and pictures, because ultimately that's what tourists do!), travelling with Rome's public transport and wandering around the city. I always believe it is far more interesting to be between the people instead of observing them like tourists usually do. Not to forget, we had the freedom to plan our own days - which basically meant no getting up out of bed ridiculously early!

Of course, there were some downsides. Like that we didn't planned everything before hand. I did had a global planning in my head, but I hadn't thought of what to do when for example the Vatican museum has a queue for hours because everyone knows it's free on the last Sunday of the month.. not very clever of me. Or that we never decided on when to eat and where - which always ended up in a difficult decision.
And the worst thing of all, my perfectionism ruining the fun for both of us sometimes. Because we were free to design our whole trip, it also put some kind of pressure on me, to make it the best and most perfect trip. Therefor, when something wouldn't go according to plan, I would start to get frustrated. And stressed. A city trip is so short and I felt like ''there was no room'' to make any mistakes.

All in all, I absolutely enjoyed it, even though we didn't see everything we wanted. I want it to be about the joy of the trip instead of the things we checked of our list. And on the next city trip... well I'll more prepared for my perfectionist behavior!

Love, Fenna

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