dinsdag 1 april 2014

Montly resolutions: April

Today, as my pupils from internship joyfully made obvious to me, is the 1st of April. For them a great day full of jokes. Seriously, the stories these 6 year olds tell.. haha! I should write some of their quotes down sometimes. I love how simple children think sometimes. But that's not the point I wanted to make today. For me, it is the first of a month, a fresh start.

See I decided this year that New Years Resolutions aren't really my thing. After a few weeks I get lazy and forget why I'm doing it. I mean there are so many things I want to better, but it is simply impossible - for me - to maintain a healthy life style, work out, spend time with friends and family, not spending all my money on clothes, take good care of myself, stay on top of my uni work, and so on. I can't just do them all perfect. Here comes the monthly resolutions. I just take a few items where I want to focus on that month. That way, I usually am successful  in keeping them since the goal isn't super unrealistic. And I still am productive, working on some of my flaws every month instead of just those first two weeks in January! So far, it's been going great. Things on my list have been from just taking better care of my teeth to going to bed in time.

Anyway, so far the long introduction on this monthly returning topic.

My resolutions for April:

1. Drink more water. It is just really healthy and good for you.
2. Do things with confidence. Don't think about what people think of you anymore. ''Not everyone likes apple pie'' not everyone will like you and that is perfectly fine. That shouldn't be a reason to be insecure.
3. Take good care of teeth and skin. That way I can look nice without too much make up, just the way i like it!
4. Finding my energy through alternative ways. I've been lacking energy lately and I am not sure what the cause is but I do know that a regular doctor doesn't really fit for a solution. I hope to have a solution in my problem through alternative therapist/acupuncture.
5. Make a planning for uni/fun stuff and stick to it. I need to do  a lot this month. Because of the lack of energy I have been sort of neglecting my uni work. I need to catch up big time but switch it up with fun stuff that I got planned and will try to plan more.

Love, Fenna

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